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The Buick Building

Developer: Rogers & Willard, Inc.

Type of Development: Historic Renovation - Office Building

Owner: Mike Rogers, Steve Willard

Cty and State: Mobile, Alabama

Contact Person: Mike Rogers

Phone: 251.401.8798

Contact Email: [email protected]

Allocation Amount Requested: $4,000,000

Brief Description of Development:

Project Address: 455 St. Louis Street Mobile, AL 36602Project Cost $4-5 Million  Project Contact: Mike Rogers (251) 300-6580 [email protected]  Project Description:  The iconic Buick Building is on the National Historic Registry. It is one of the last remaining automobile dealership  buildings on St. Louis Street which was once known as  Automobile Alley.  The original building constructed in 1926 is a  35,000 S.F. two-story masonry building. The building is a General Motors dealership prototype that was used in  different cities across the United States adding to its historic significance. In 1940 a 5,600 S.F. one-story addition was  added to the east end of the building. The building has been unoccupied since 2002. The project would be the most  significant building project on St. Louis Street in over 50 years. The street has some operating businesses but also has a  significant number of unoccupied boarded up buildings.  

The project initially consists of three tenants, a construction company, a software development company and a  
restaurant. In addition to the construction jobs created renovating the building, there will be significant new jobs  created. The restaurant is a new business that will have various positions to be filled. The construction company has 30  full time employees and the software company anticipates 100 employees in this location.  
St. Louis Street is identified in Mobile s 2009 Master Plan as part of a  New Skyline Gateway Office District.  The plan  states,  The underutilized sites immediately surrounding the north and south sides of the St. Louis Street corridor  between Hamilton Street to the east and Bayou Street to the west have been identified as potential receiving areas for  more animated, clean industry businesses that would require skilled workers residing in and around the Mobile region.  St. Louis Street is envisioned as the address street for residents looking for additional opportunities to work in small- to  medium-sized light manufacturing/ skilled trade companies such as glass production shops, machine shops, auto shops,  pre-fabrication builders, etc. that could also locate to this St. Louis Street Business Empowerment Zone. For the St. Louis

But-For Statement:

The building has been boarded for approximately 10 years and has experinenced serious deterioration. The renovation cost couple with the low rents in the area do not allow the project to work without the tax credits.  We believe and added benefit will be that tax credits will be used for other projects in the area once this project is built.  Mobile has not had many tax credit projects in the past and this will be educational for many developers coming to the area.

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