Divine Providence Medical and International Finance Center

Sponsor: Joseph R. Hunter Sr.

Type of QALICB: Real Estate

Owner: Joseph R. Hunter Sr.

City and State: Metairie, Lousiana

Contact Person: Joseph R. Hunter Sr.

Phone: 504.455.6166 Cell: 504.940.4429

Contact Email: [email protected]

Allocation Amount Requested: $34 to $35.5 million

Brief Description of QALICB:

Building One: 3 story 47,376 square feet for Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat, Dental and Eye, Leg and Arm replacement and Sugar Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis Doctors office.

Building Two: 1 story 3,600 square feet for CT Scan, X-Ray and Ultrasound Imaging Center.

Building Three: One story, 15,800 square feet for small operatory, Dental Lab (false teeth), parts office for Eye, Leg and Arm replacement and blood drawing.

Building Four: International Finance Center for imports and exports Food Crops, Cattle, Dairy, Lumber to fit this area.
Louisiana has 31 ports and 6 class one railroads and barges on the Mississippi River and Interstates to transfer goods and services to the world. It's Inter-Modal Transportation system fits the 30 states on the River. The twenty new trade agreements and the expansion of the Panama Canal within one year and the United States must increase Exports also Louisiana new International Banking Law by Charlie Lancaster House of Representatives HB 911, Act 420, Effective August 14th, 2004 signed by then Governor Kathleen Blanco will increase trade. The location of the site is in St Helena Parish Between Greensburg and I-55 which follows the Mississippi River and Commerce in the 30 states on the River. It is on the south side of Hwy 10 (Zachary Taylor Parkway) and the west side of Hwy 31 (Anderson Road) it is a corner property abutting Hwy 10 and Hwy 31. It qualifies for the New market Tax Credits as it has a high poverty Level, high unemployment and is medically underserved. St Helena Parish has two Census tracts. It splits the parish in half and this is in the lower half which qualifies for New Market Tax Credits. Having been in office buildings for forty-two years and having filled over fifty office buildings in Metairie and Kenner has trained me in the pulse of the business market needs. Joseph R. Hunter Sr. Phone 504-455-6166 Cell 504-940-4429. 1209 High Avenue, Metairie, Louisiana Zip 70001-3207-22 Phone 24 hour, 7 days per week 42 years.

But-For Statement:

No. Having tried many local banks in Louisiana and ten (10) were closed last year and one closed 45 branches and with the House Limits Set by the Board of Directors most at $2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Million House Limits. Many banks outside the state do not understand Louisiana banking laws as to English Law for movable items and Napoleonic code, the French Law for anything attached to the land. The 49 states have English law for both movable items and for anything attached to the land. For many years the International banking law was International Banks were prohibited in Louisiana, the old law Number 561 of Louisiana International Banking Law but it has been abolished. And the new International Banking Law by Charlie Lancaster then House of Representatives HB 911, Act 420, Effective August 14, 2004 signed By Kathleen Blanco International Banks are now allowed in Louisiana.

There are four UBS, Ing, Ficosa and Scotia of Canada with limited types of trade banking to fit the Inter-Modal transportation System. Louisiana banks "House Limits" of Loans are too low for the project. And outside banks do not understand Louisiana Napoleonic Code Laws for anything attached to the land.

Eventually the International Banks will catch up and be able to purchase a thanch or upper limit or percentage of loans but in the mean time it is impossible to get a loan. Financial people have to hire a Bonepart Attorney to explain Napoleonic Code for anything attached to the land. I am the person who got the law changed for International Banking. Joseph R. Hunter Sr. Ph: 504-455-6166.



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