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Praise for the Novogradac NMTC Application Webinar

"Very detailed breakdown of the application questions, with clear guidance to explain the importance."
- Jeremy Hudson, J &A, Inc.

"Fluid, competent, and fun review. Nicolo steering the Millennium Falcon and Bob I. as co-pilot. Do you even need the force?"
- Dave Castillo, Native Community Capital

"Presenters were extremely knowledgeable and able to communicate a great deal of information that will help our organization in completing our first application. Their 'tips' were especially useful."
- Wanda Edwards, Central Urban Development, Inc.

"Nicolo is great at explaining this highly confusing topic!” 
– Homan Bud, Three Rivers

As a first-time applicant, all information was very helpful.” 
- Nick Maglasang, Twain Financial Partners

“Very knowledgeable presenter and materials!” 
- Julie Gould, J. Gould Consulting LLC

“Easy to follow and kept detailed, tedious material entertaining.” 
- Monica Blanton, River Gorge Capital

"Presenter is clear, has a good sense of humor and an appreciation for detail."
-Louise Manuel, ExED

"For new applicants or for experienced CDE applicants, the webinar provided vital information. Valuable to me were the insights into new questions. Getting the rationale for some of the older questions was occasionally surprising and often interesting."
- Katherine Williams Kane, NH Business Finance Authority

"Presentation was well thought-out and presented well."
- Naomi Leskowat, MetaFund Corporation 

"Very informative and helped me to understand which areas to focus on."
- Kim Seibold, Housing Kitsap

"The webinar provided a thorough and clear explanation of the application as a whole as well as necessary nuances to pay attention to when writing an application. I would recommend this webinar to others preparing to write a NMTC application."
- William Fiederlein - National Trust Community Investment Corporation 

"Easy to follow and clear explanations of many of the details. Very responsive to the Q&A."
- Rhianna Trefry, The Community Builders

"Very informative."
- Michelle LeClair, Mascoma Savings Bank


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