Sacramento Valley Station

Developer: City of Sacramento

Type of Development: Multi-modal transit center

Owner: City of Sacramento

Cty and State: Sacramento, CA

Contact Person: Ben Golvin

Phone: 415.308.8711

Contact Email: [email protected]

Allocation Amount Requested: $25,000,000

Brief Description of Development:

The historic Sacramento Valley Train Station, circa 1926, is being restored as a state of the art intermodal transportation center combining train, light rail, bus , bicycle, auto, pedestrian and future high speed rail improvements - the center for transit throughout Sacramento and the Capitol region.  The Station will incorporate office and retail facilities, provide local jobs and services, and support the economic revitalization of this low income community - a focus of the City's redevelopment efforts as a census tract that meets all 3 primary high distress criteria.  Leverage loan sources committed include a Tiger Grant and local transportation bond funds.  The project is being bid currently and will be ready to close and begin construction in early Fall.

But-For Statement:

No; the City has raised all of the transportation funds currently available, and cannot commit general fund capital.  Without the NMTC equity, this shovel-ready project will not be undertaken at this time.

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