Opportunity Zones Advocacy, Correspondence and Testimony


Working Group Letter to Senator Cory Booker on Impacts of Proposed Capital Income Taxation Reform on the OZ Incentive
July 30, 2021

Working Group Letter to IRS on Proposed Rulemaking, REG-121095-19
June 11, 2021

Working Group Letter to IRS on Recommendations for 2021-2022 Priority Guidance Plan
May 28, 2021

Shay Hawkins Testimony to Senate Finance Committee
April 20, 2021

Working Group Letter to IRS about Census Tracts Designated in 2018 as Qualified Opportunity Zones
March 12, 2021

Working Group Letter to Federal Reserve Board about CRA Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Docket No. R-1723 and RIN 7100-AF94
Feb. 16, 2021


Working Group Letter to Transition Team
Dec. 29, 2020

Working Group Letter to IRS about Compliance Relief due to COVID-19
Dec. 23, 2020

Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy Letter Requesting Opportunity Zone Data from Treasury
Dec. 16, 2020

Working Group Letter to IRS about Census Tracts Designated as Opportunity Zones
Nov. 2, 2020

Working Group Letter to IRS as Comment on Priority Guidance Plan
Oct. 15, 2020

Letter to IRS to Recommend Updating Revenue Procedure 2018-58 for Time Sensitive Acts
July 30, 2020

Congressman Kind and Kelly Letter to Treasury and IRS Regarding Recommendations to Provide Relief to Opportunity Zones Investments
May 19, 2020

Senators Letter to Treasury and IRS Regarding Recommendations for Immediate Relief for Opportunity Zones to Function
May 4, 2020

Tim Scott Leads Colleagues in Asking Treasury to Provide Relief for Opportunity Zones in the Wake of COVID-19
May 4, 2020


Letter to Chairman Neal, Grassley, Ranking Members Brady, and Wyden Urging the Swift Enactment of Legislative Measures to Enable the Opportunity Zones Tax Incentives
November 18, 2019

Letter from Senator Booker to Assistant Secretary Kautter Requesting Information on Data Collection and Tracking for Qualified Opportunity Zones
November 18, 2019

Letter from Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib to Chairman Richard Neal, Al Green, and Raja Krishanmoorthi Concerning Campaign Contributions for Opportunity Zones
November 6, 2019

Supplemental Comments on Related Party Fees (Comments on REG-120186-18: Investing in Qualified Opportunity Funds)
October 31, 2019

Pascrell Questions Mnuchin on O-Zone Program
October 29, 2019

Ms. Gardineer Working Group Comment Letter on Opportunity Zone Investments Under Current Community Reinvestment Act Law & Regulatory Framework
October 15, 2019

Mr. Belsky Working Group Comment Letter on Opportunity Zone Investments Under Current Community Reinvestment Act Law & Regulatory Framework
October 15, 2019

Press release: White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council Introduces OpportunityZones.gov
Oct. 1, 2019

Economic Innovation Group Memo on Opportunity Zones Vacant Property Threshold
Sept. 20, 2019

Novogradac Opportunity Zones Working Group Comment Letter on Challenges Facing Affordable Housing Investments in Opportunity Zones
Sept. 18, 2019

Novogradac Opportunity Zones Working Group Comments on Consolidated Rules 
Aug. 29, 2019

Novogradac Opportunity Zones Working Group Comments on Grace Period for Use of Property 
Aug. 19, 2019

State Economic Development Officials Comment Letter on Proposed Rules for Investing In Qualified Opportunity Funds
July 1, 2019

U.S. EPA Seeks Further Clarifications and Improvements to Proposed Rule Regarding Investing in Opportunity Funds
June 12, 2019

National Multifamily Housing Council and National Apartment Association Comment Letter on the Second Tranche of Opportunity Zones Regulations
May 31, 2019

Big City Mayors Support Local Economic Development Through Opportunity Zones 
May 6, 2019

Gardner: Opportunity Zones Will Generate Economic Development Across Colorado 
May 2, 2019

Prepared Floor Remarks by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa
May 1, 2019

On Senate Floor, Portman Participates in Colloquy Highlighting Economic Benefits of Opportunity Zones
May 1, 2019 

Remarks by President Trump at the Opportunity Zone Conference with State, Local, Tribal, and Community Leaders
April 17, 2019

Remarks by Vice President Pence After Touring an Opportunity Zone
February 21, 2019

IRS Hearing: Investing in Qualified Opportunity Funds
February 14, 2019

Public Hearing on Proposed Regulations "Investing in Qualified Opportunity Funds"
February 14, 2019
Courtesy of: Tax Analysts (www.taxnotes.com)

Speaker outlines:

1. Joseph Reed
2. Novogradac Opportunity Zones Working Group
3. John Lettieri (link to come)
4. Karl Cureton
5. IIA
7. Marion McFadden
9. Reed M Benet
10. William Michael
11. Adam C. Harden
12. Jill Homan
13. FSIC
14. IPA
15. Frank Altman
16. PSP Advisors
17. SEDE Network
18. Christopher Mackin
19. Steve Glickman
20. Mark Wilensky
21. Regina Staudacher
22. Scott Dacey
23. Todd Leverette

Sen. Coons Calls on Treasury Department to Optimize Opportunity Zone Program’s Impact on Distressed Communities in Delaware, Across the Country
February 5, 2019

Congressional Letter to Treasury on Opportunity Zones
January 24, 2019

Comment Letter on Proposed Regulations Regarding Investments in Qualified Opportunity Funds Under Section 1400Z-2 
American Bar Association, January 10, 2019


Comments on REG-115420-18: Investing in Qualified Opportunity Funds (Guidance Under §1400Z-2)
December 28, 2018

NCSHA Opportunity Zones Letter Calls for Clarification, Flexibility
National Council of State Housing Agencies, October 18, 2018

Joint Letter to OIRA re Opportunity Zones Regulations
September 24, 2018

Letter to the IRS Requesting Opportunity Zones Guidance
Bipartisan Policy Center, September 10, 2018

Letter to Treasury in Support of Opportunity Zones
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, September 7, 2018

The U.S. Impact Investing Alliance Comments on Opportunity Zone Metrics
The U.S. Impact Investing Alliance, September 6, 2018

Request for IRS Guidance for the Implementation of the Opportunity Zones Program
August 23, 2018

Priority Guidance Request on Opportunity Zones
Novogradac Opportunity Zones Working Group, July 16, 2018

Letter to the Treasury Requesting Guidance Under IRC 1400Z-2
Tradepoint Atlantic, May 24, 2018

Recommendations for Guidance on Opportunity Zones
Novogradac Opportunity Zones Working Group, March 9 2018

Coalition Letter on the Implementation of Opportunity Zones
June 18, 2018

Sen. Cory Booker Letter to Treasury Department on Imposing Safeguards to Offset Potential Effects of New Tax Breaks
June 8, 2018

Comment Letter on Opportunity Zone Proposed Regulations
National Multifamily Housing Council/National Apartment Association, December 7, 2018

Comment Letter on Qualified Opportunity Fund Regulations
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP, December 6, 2018

Comment Letter Requesting Clarification Regarding Capital Gains and Opportunity Zones
Kutak Rock, November 30, 2018

Comment Letter on Opportunity Zone Funds
Ovation Partners L.P., November 30, 2018

Novogradac Opportunity Zone Working Group Comment Letter Requesting Further OZ Guidance
November 26, 2018

Comment Letter on Comments to the Proposed Regulations under Section 14002-2 (Qualified Opportunity Zones)
Florida Tax Lawyers, November 16, 2018

Comment Letter on the Application of the Opportunity Zones Incentives to Qualified Opportunity Fund Investments in Start-Up Companies
Thompson Hine, November 2, 2018

Opportunity Zones Regulations (Section 13823 of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017)
National Housing Conference, August 15, 2018

Guidance Regarding Opportunity Zones under Section 1400Z–2
The Real Estate Roundtable, June 28, 2018


RCAP Endorses Investing In Opportunity Act
October 26, 2017