State Opportunity Zones Legislation

2022 State Opportunity Zones Legislation


Rhode Island H. 7985, Rebuild Rhode Island Tax Credit
Introduced March 16, 2022

Mississippi H.B. 133, An Act To Amend Section 27-7-9, Mississippi Code Of 1972
Introduced Jan. 4, 2022

2021 State Opportunity Zones Legislation


Washington D.C. B24-0513, Capital Gains Deduction Clarification Temporary Act of 2021
Introduced Nov. 17, 2021

Ohio S.B. 225, To amend sections 122.84 and 149.311 of the Revised Code
Introduced Sept. 23, 2021

South Carolina H.B. 3130, South Carolina Opportunity Zone Enhancement Act of 2021
Introduced Jan. 12, 2021

2020 State Opportunity Zones Legislation


Washington D. C. B23-0760, Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Support Act of 2020
Enacted Aug. 31, 2020

Louisiana S.B. 24, Extending Angel Investor Tax Credits to Opportunity Zones
Enacted July 15, 2020

Maryland S.B. 185, An Act Concerning Sales and Use Tax Exemption – Qualified Opportunity Zones in Baltimore County and Target Redevelopment Areas in Washington County
Enacted May 8, 2020

Maryland H.B. 566, An Act Concerning Opportunity Zone Enhancement Program, Eligibility, Lead-Based Paint Affected Properties
Enacted May 8, 2020

Maryland S.B. 713, An Act Concerning Opportunity Zone Enhancement Program, Eligibility, Lead-Based Paint Affected Properties
Enacted May 8, 2020

Maryland H.B. 45, An Act Concerning Economic Development, Opportunity Zone Incentives, Alteration of the More 2 Jobs for Marylanders and Opportunity Zone Enhancement Programs
Enacted May 8, 2020

Wisconsin H.B. 532, Relating to Income and Franchise Tax Benefit for Investment in Wisconsin Opportunity Zones and Providing a Penalty
Enacted March 3, 2020


New York S.8977, Opportunity Zone Reporting and Reform Act
Introduced Sep. 14, 2020

S.B. 1435, An Act to Amend and Repeal Sections Relating to Opportunity Zones
Introduced February 21, 2020

Maryland H.B. 224, Opportunity Zone Tax Deduction Reform Act of 2020
Introduced March 12, 2020

Utah H.C.R. 27, Concurrent Resolution for an Economic Study of the Deployment of State Resources in Underperforming Communities
Introduced March 4, 2020

Oregon H.B. 4010, Proposed Amendments to House Bill 4010
Introduced February 20, 2020

Connecticut S.B. 184, An Act Increasing Opportunities for Workforce Housing Development In the State
Introduced February 20, 2020

Utah H.B. 299, Opportunity Zone Enhancements
Introduced February 11, 2020

Vermont S.B. 331, An Act Relating to Reducing Student Loan Debt for Rural Vermont Workers
Introduced January 22, 2020

New Jersey S. 496, Provides Certain State Assistance to Qualified Federal Opportunity Zone Businesses
Introduced January 14, 2020

Florida H.B. 1429, Opportunity Zones
Introduced January 14, 2020

Maryland H.B. 45, Economic Development and Opportunity Zone Incentives
Introduced January 8, 2020

Oregon Draft LC 250, Relating to Opportunity Zones and Prescribing an Effective Date
Introduced January 8, 2020

Opportunity Zones Oregon’s O-Zones and Associated Tax Incentives
Introduced January 14, 2020

Senate Interim Committee on Finance and Revenue Agenda
Introduced January 3, 2020

2019 State Opportunity Zones Legislation


Ohio H.B. 166, Amended Substitute House Bill Number 166
Enacted July 18, 2019

Rhode Island H 5151, Relating To Making Appropriations In Support of FY 2020
Enacted July 5, 2019

Louisiana Act 251, Adds structures located in opportunity zones to the property eligible to participate in the Restoration Tax Abatement program
Enacted June 11, 2019

Connecticut SB 570, an act concerning opportunity zones
Public Law June 13, 2019

Hawaii S.B. 1130, Conforms Hawaii income and estate and generation-skipping transfer tax laws to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended as of December 31, 2018
Enacted June 12, 2019

Maryland S.B. 581, an act concerning Economic, Housing, and Community Development Tax Credits – Opportunity Zone Enhancement Program Incentives
Enacted April 30, 2019

Fiscal Note

Arkansas S.B. 196, to provide state tax incentives related to investments in opportunity zones
Enacted February 26, 2019


South Carolina 2019 H4657 Introduced
Introduced November 22, 2019

Wisconsin S.B. 440 to provide additional opportunity zones tax benefit
Sept. 24, 2019

California draft language for opportunity zones conformity in tax code
Released Aug. 23, 2019

Massachusetts H. 3918, an act relative to opportunity zones in gateway cities
Introduced June 24, 2019

Michigan S.B. 378, would create a research and development tax credit that can be claimed under Michigan’s Corporate Income Tax
Introduced June 13, 2019

Alabama H.B. 540, This bill would create the “Alabama Incentives Modernization Act” to add new tools for the attraction and expansion of businesses in rural Alabama and high-tech companies throughout the state
Passed Assembly May 30, 2019

West Virginia H.B. 113, Establishing tax incentive for new business activity in qualified opportunity zones
Introduced May 20, 2019

Washington H.B. 1324, Creating the Washington rural development and opportunity zone act
Engrossed April 22, 2019

Louisiana H.B. 549, adds structures located in opportunity zones to the property eligible to participate in the Restoration Tax Abatement program
Introduced March 29, 2019

Louisiana H.B. 274, Establishes a tax credit pilot program for certain Louisiana-based manufacturing industries
Introduced March 28, 2019

West Virginia 2828, relating to promoting investment in a Qualified Opportunity Zone
Vetoed March 27, 2019 (Introduced February 1, 2019)

Veto Message by the Governor
March 27, 2019

California S.B. 315, Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development: opportunity zones: promise zones
​Amended in Senate March 21, 2019

Rhode Island S.B. 668, Rhode Island Opportunity Zone Tax Credit And Tax Exemption Act
Introduced March 21, 2019

Vermont H. 442, An act relating to downtown and village center tax credits in an opportunity zone
Introduced February 26, 2019

California AB 791, Income taxes: credits: low-income housing: qualified opportunity zones
Introduced February 20, 2019

Texas H.B. 1000, Relating to rural and opportunity funds and insurance tax credits for certain investments in those funds; imposing a monetary penalty; authorizing fees
Introduced February 5, 2019

Virginia H.B. 2460 Income tax; state; credit for solar energy equipment
Introduced January 9, 2019

Virginia H.B. 2165 Income tax; state; credit for solar energy equipment
Introduced January 8, 2019

Virginia S.B. 1496 Installed Solar Energy Equipment Program Grant Fund; created
Introduced January 8, 2019

California S.B. 25, as amended, California Environmental Quality Act: projects funded by qualified opportunity zones; zone funds or other public funds
Amended in Senate April 30, 2019

Senate Floor Analyses (May 15, 2019)
Senate Judiciary (April 22, 2019)
Senate Environmental Quality (April 9, 2019)

Rhode Island H. 5808, relating to taxation - Pawtucket/Centralfalls Opportunity Zone Income Tax Credit Act
Introduced March 6, 2019

Washington H.B. 1324, creating the Washington rural development and opportunity zone act
Introduced March 1, 2019

House Bill Analysis 2019

House Bill Report

S.B. 5423

Texas H.B. 2397, relating to a sales and use tax refund and franchise tax credit for certain businesses that make investments in qualified opportunity zones
Introduced February 25, 2019

Fiscal Note
April 3, 2019

California A.B. 742, This bill would enact the Place-Based Economic Strategies Act for the purposes of supporting place-based and other geographically targeted economic development programs, including, but not limited to, federal California Promise and California Opportunity Zones
Introduced February 19, 2019

Texas S.B. 826, Relating to rural and opportunity funds and insurance tax credits for certain investments in those funds; imposing a monetary penalty; authorizing fees
Introduced February 14, 2019

Maryland H.B. 1141, Qualified Maryland Housing Tax Credit
Introduced February 12, 2019

Ohio S.B. 8, Authorize tax credit for investment in opportunity zone 
Introduced February 12, 2019

New York S. 3401, an act to amend the tax law and the administrative code of the  city  of New York, in relation to investment income
Introduced February 6, 2019

Kentucky H.B .203, An act creating the Kentucky Rural and Opportunity Zone Jobs Act
Introduced February 5, 2019

Maryland S.B. 663, Commerce, Housing, and Community Development - Opportunity Zones
Introduced February 4, 2019

Connecticut Proposed Bill 6552, an act concerning exemptions from certain historic preservation requirements
Introduced January 28, 2019

Florida H.B. 481, Amends Florida Enterprise Act as Florida Opportunity Act
Introduced January 22, 2019

Florida S.B. 1480, an act relating to opportunity zones; reviving, readopting, and amending 
Introduced February 26, 2019

Maryland S.B. 174, More Opportunities for Marylanders Act of 2019
Introduced January 21, 2019

Nebraska L.B. 87, bill would make OZs a priority in allocating affordable housing trust fund money; Also makes OZs preferred locations for state’s Enterprise Zone Act
Intoroduced January 10, 2019

Mississippi H.B. 1704, Income tax; revise certain provisions to address investment in federally designated qualified opportunity zones
Introduced January 1, 2019, Died in Committee February 27, 2019


California Budget Trailer Bill Language: Opportunity Zones Conformity
May 21, 2019

Supporting Tribal Opportunity Zones and Job Creation Legislation

2018 State Opportunity Zones Legislation




South Carolina H. 3186
Introduced December 18, 2018

Puerto Rico S. 1147, to create the "Puerto Rico Economic Development Opportunity Zones Development Act of 2018" 
Introduced November 7, 2018
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Puerto Rico S. 1147 (Original Version)

Press Release: Governor Rosselló signs Opportunity Zones Development Act 
May 14, 2019

Ohio H.B. 727
Introduced August 29, 2018

Other State Opportunity Zones Legislation

Oklahoma OS 62-690.18
May 30, 1990