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Energy Mapping Tool

Disclaimer: The data presented are provided as a reference and the validity of the data cannot be guaranteed. The mapping tool is comprised of data from multiple sources. All data should be verified with the Department of Energy, U.S. Department of the Treasury and Internal Revenue Service websites before using it in the decision-making process.

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 provides a number of targeted incentives that provide bonus credits for projects located in eligible areas. This mapping tool is designed to provide users with the means to seeing if an area might be eligible under certain bonus credit program criteria. Boundary criteria for the following bonus credit incentives are available for mapping:

  • Energy Communities Tax Credit Bonus - A bonus of up to 10% (for production tax credits) or 10 percentage points (for investment tax credits) for projects, facilities, and technologies located in energy communities.  
  • Electric Vehicle Refueling Credit – A credit is available to businesses and individuals that place qualified refueling property into service during the tax year in eligible areas.   
  • Low-Income Communities Bonus Credit Program – Provides a 10 or 20 percentage point increase to the investment tax credit for qualified solar and wind energy facilities. 

Launch the Energy Mapping Tool

When launching the tool, the map shows Energy Community Status, as of 2023. By using New Map, on the top lefthand side of the map, you can add or hide data layers to the Energy Mapping Tool. Users can use the Build Custom Region function (button in top right) to draw their own region on the map.

Combined layers for Energy Communities and Electric Vehicle Refueling 30C, identified below, show areas that meet the geographic based requirements for each of these different programs.

The location search function can be used to search for an address, city, zip, etc. When you have map layers or points displayed on the map, expand the data legend on the right-hand side using the double arrow icon to access filters for points or additional time frames, variables and boundary shading for layers. 

Data layer options include:

  • Energy Communities 
    • Energy Communities (combined layer showing Coal Closure and MSA/Non-MSA Energy Communities)
    • Brownfields
    • MSA/Non-MSA Energy Communities 
    • Coal Closure Energy Communities 
  • Electric Vehicle Refueling Credit (Section 30C)
    • Low-income or Non-Urban Areas (combined layer showing Low-Income Communities and Non-Urban Areas)
    • Low-income communities (both 2011-1015 and 2016-2020 low-income eligibility data is available)
    • Non-Urban Areas 
  • Low-Income Adders
    • Category 1: Low Income Communities
    • Category 2: American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian Areas
    • Category 3: Low Income Residential Building projects
      • HUD Multifamily
      • HUD Public Housing
      • LIHTC
      • USDA Rural Development – Multifamily
      • USDA Rural Development – Multifamily Guaranteed Loans
    • Additional Selection Criteria Graphic Option 1: Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool Energy Category of Burden tracts
  • Boundaries
    • Counties (2020)
    • Census Tracts (2020)
    • Congressional Districts (118th)
    • American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian Areas


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