Rocky Mt. Downtown Community Facility

Sponsor: City of Rocky Mt

Type of QALICB: Community Center with cultural and sports education focus

Owner: Delaware Nonprofit Corporation to be formed

City and State: Rocky Mount, NC

Contact Person: Bridget Chisholm

Phone: 901.230.3980

Contact Email: [email protected]

Allocation Amount Requested: $30,000,000

Brief Description of QALICB:

In January 2012, the elected officials and senior administrative staff of the City of Rocky Mount, North Carolina set forth a bold vision to revitalize and  transform Downtown Rocky Mount. The fulcrum of the plan centers around one catalytic project, a Downtown Community Facility (DCF), which will house a 5,000 seat Event Center and 15,000 square feet of space to be used for community meetings, office, retail and educational space.. The DCF will be a two-story 125,000 square foot facility, with a total development cost of apprxoimately $45 million. Its most significant feature, the Event Center, is designed to meet the demands of the growing ametaur sports tourism economy (estimated to be $200 Billion in 2014 ) as well as supplement the sports programs that have been removed from public schools in the region as a result of budget cuts.  Thus, the DCF will be both venue for sporting and other events, and will also meet a need for the low income people  (LIP) l iving in the low income community (LIC) in and near downtown Rocky Mount through the multipurpose components of the DCF. The DCF will serve as the anchor to the broader economic development strategies by maximizing the City s recent investments in the Imperial Center, Southern Bank, Edgecombe Community College, Brewmill and Douglas Block mixed-use retail. It will also facilitate commercial goods and services to LIC through the provision of restaurants, pharmacies, services and other retail that is necessary to support the increased traffic  in downtown Rocky Mount.

Rocky Mount seeks to address high rates of poverty and unemployment along with meeting the demand of the area s growing sports tourism and event industries by facilitating the development of the Downtown Community Facility (DCF), including the Event Center. The DCF would be a multi-purpose event center that is two story, 125,000 square-foot facility that addresses unmet community and educational needs while simultaneously driving economic impact through the creation of over 700 direct, indirect or induced jobs. 

The building will be located in downtown Rocky Mount in census tract 202, which is highly distressed with poverty rates over 50%. 

  • Approximately 4,000 - 5,000 fixed seats,
  • Space for complementary retail for commercial goods and services for Low Income Communities (LIC),
  • Multipurpose meeting/event space (approximately 15,000 square feet) for smaller events such as meetings and social events, as well as for additional space for events that use the main events center floor and seating bowl,
  • Appropriate amounts of support and back-of-house spaces such as offices, storage and locker rooms and
  • Parking for as many as approximately 2,000 cars (if physically possible).

The total development budget is $45 million.

But For Statement:

The City has committed funds of about $35 million for the project; however, to keep the tax rate from increasing significantly more than a weaker tax base can support the project needs the NMTC subsidy to complete the funding gap and ensure this catalytic project to link all the other investment can come to fruition. Ultimately, we believe this project will propel Downtown out of NMTC eligibility.