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May 14, 2013
Podcast; Small Business and Pass-Through Entity Tax Credit Reform; Washington Committee Update; Debt Ceiling; Permanent New Markets Tax Credit; Texas New Markets Tax Credit (H.B. 2061); Historic Tax Credit Program Guidance; Missouri Historic Tax Credit Program Cap (H.B. 698; S.B. 120); Iowa Historic Tax Credit Revisions (S.F. 436); Affordable Rental Housing After Tax Reform: Calculating Corporate Tax Reform's Possible Effects on Equity Raised from Low-Income Housing Tax Credits; Temporary Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Increase for Veterans; Nebraska Energy Bill (L.B. 104).

April 12, 2011

FY 2011 Budget Update; House Republicans' Proposed FY 2012 Budget; Tax Reform; Virginia Historic Tax Credit Fund Webinar; State HTC Updates in Michigan, Montana; Renewable Energy Markets Reports; Administration Remarks About NMTC; New Rental Housing Research From Harvard's JCHS.

March 10, 2011

Budget and Deficit Talks; Congressional Hearings; Out of Reach 2011; HUD Multifamily Closing Documents; LIHTC Development and Schools; Fannie Mae White Papers; Sect. 1603 Statistics; Proposed BLM Changes; New NPS Technical Preservation Services Chief; Historic Sustainability Guidance; NMTC Extension Bill; NMTC Program Recognition; Food Desert Mapping Tool

July 19, 2011

Deficit Reduction Update; Tax Expenditure Legislation; IRS Report on Tax-Exempt Bond Compliance; Relief for LIHTC properties in North Dakota; TCAC Memo On Cost Containment; PACE Legislation; Renewable Energy Tax Equity Finance Estimates; Congressional Biomass Caucus; NMTC Allocation Application Deadline Reminder; Oklahoma State Tax Credit Task Force.

August 16, 2011

Super Committee Members; Tax Reform; Tax Exempt Bond Voluntary Closing Agreement Program; FHFA Comment Invitation; Calif. Redevelopment Agencies; Louisiana Housing Corporation; Health Food Financing Initiative; Maryland Historic Tax Credit; Army Energy Initiatives Office Task Force.