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Base Realignment and Closure

Novogradac's GoVal Group has a long history of providing consulting services to a variety of public and private sector entities. We understand the myriad of rules, regulations and procedures that may have an impact on the disposition or reuse of government assets. 

Novogradac has assisted DoD in developing and implementing privatization strategies and procedure, as well as developing and evaluating specific efforts. Our understanding of the private sector, local governments and the military has allowed us to bridge the gap between the significantly different cultures.

We assist the marketplace in taking advantage of new opportunities and in finding creative solutions to the challenges that face communities and the military alike. Specific areas of service include:

• Compliance and regulatory consulting.

• Liaison assistance between private sector interests, DoD project managers and local area representatives.

• Assist in developing potential re-use strategies consistent with adopted redevelopment plans.

• Market study services to assist in understanding the local markets and the demand for different market segments — post action — through primary and secondary market research and analysis.

• Feasibility analysis and appraisal services. These services will help clients analyze potential alternative-use scenarios to determine highest productive use and value of the property.

• Assist in responding to advertised public sales offerings. Assistance may include feasibility analysis, alternative re-use analysis, valuation services, proposal writing and layout, as well as deal structuring.

• Assist in determining the potential use of other government subsidies, such as the low-income housing tax credit or the new markets tax credit, etc.

For further information contact Brad Weinberg at (240) 235-1701.

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