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GIS Services

Novogradac & Company LLP maintains an in-house geographic information system (GIS) as a tool for real estate analysis.

Novogradac & Company LLP is a leader in providing high-quality demographic data to service its clients' needs. Novogradac uses Esri Business Analyst, as well as other third-party data vendors, to make demographic projections related to the real estate market. Through a custom workflow, Novogradac provides analysis at any geographic level nationwide. We pride ourselves in our ability to assess both macro and micro trends in a study area, as well our ability to incorporate qualitative analysis based on industry experience.

Novogradac also builds custom mapping applications related to various tax credits, such as the Novogradac Historic Tax Credit Mapping Tool and the Novogradac DDA and QCT Mapping Tool.

In conjunction with its GIS tools, Novogradac provides big data analysis. For example, Novogradac & Company employs large-scale analysis for reports such as the Novogradac Multifamily Rental Housing Operating Expense ReportΓÇôSurvey and Analysis for LIHTC Properties.

Together, all segments of our GIS capabilities allow us to provide an invaluable asset to our clients, helping them understand and envision the market segments they serve.

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