Sponsorship Logo Requirements

In order to ensure the highest display quality of your company logo, please follow the below guidelines.

  • File type should be vector format (Adobe Illustrator .ai, .eps or .pdf) only
  • Fonts must be converted to outlines
  • Please provide the following versions of your logo:
    • Full-color (CMYK)
    • B&W
    • Reverse W&B
  • Email to [email protected].

Examples of logo usage

Logo on light background
Logo on dark background
Color version, to be used on light backgrounds.White version, to be used on dark backgrounds.Black version, to be used in place of color version for special designs, such as etched glass or engraved work.

Logos on Display

sponsorship logos on sign example

Why Vector?

Vector logos can be resized up or down and will always retain their fidelity and sharpness, whereas bitmap logos, such as jpg and gif files, cannot be resized without affecting the sharpness of their edges. The difference is particularly noticeable when a bitmap file is enlarged, as in the comparison below.

Novogradac logo on business card
Novogradac logo on business card