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Novogradac Community Development Certificate (NCDC)

The Novogradac Community Development Certificate (NCDC) is an education program hosted by Novogradac that focuses on providing participants with an entry-level knowledge base in community development tax incentives including the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) and new markets tax credit (NMTC) with an additional course in one of the following community development areas: the historic rehabilitation tax credit (HTC); renewable energy tax credits (RETCs); and the opportunity zones (OZ) incentive.

Obtaining the NCDC

The certificate is awarded for completing the curriculum of online Novogradac training listed below. 

Upon completing the curriculum, participants must complete the simple NCDC Application and send it to [email protected].


  • LIHTC 101: The Basics Webinar or Recording (3 hours) OR LIHTC 101: The Basics Online Workshop or Recording (4 hours)
  • NMTC 101: The Basics Webinar or Recording (3 hours) OR NMTC 101: The Basics Online Workshop or Recording (4 hours)
  • And ONE of the following:
    • HTC 101: The Basics Webinar or Recording (3 hours) OR HTC 101: The Basics Online Workshop or Recording (4 hours)
    • Renewable Energy Tax Credit Project Finance Primer Workshop or Recording (4 hours)
    • Opportunity Zones 101: The Basics Workshop or Recording (4 hours)

The live webinars, online workshops and their respective recordings can be found at www.novoco.com/training and www.novoco.com/events.

Open Access Fellowship

Novogradac is pleased to provide training hours required to achieve the NCDC free of charge to participants in the Open Access Fellowship, a program dedicated to increasing diverse representation in community development finance, with a focus on Black and Latinx communities. To learn more about and apply for the Open Access Fellowship, click here.