Novogradac 2020 New Markets Tax Credit Virtual Conference - On-Demand


This new virtual experience includes valuable and insightful sessions that will address how current events affect the new markets tax credit (NMTC), and how NMTC's can contribute to recovery efforts.
Registering for the Novogradac New Markets Tax Credit Virtual Conference on-demand will include access to the virtual lobby, auditorium, exhibit hall and networking lounge.

 How can I access the recordings? 

  • All recordings of presentations and Q&A are located in the auditorium. In the session menu, click the orange “Play” button next to the title of the presentation or Q&A session to view. All recordings will be available until October 23, 2020.

How can I access the panel presentations? 

  • Links to presentations are located at Novogradac's booth within the Exhibit Hall. Once you are in Novogradac's booth, scroll down to review the panel slides under the document tab. All documents can be added to your briefcase. 
  • Once you have added the documents to "My Briefcase" you may return back to the top navigation bar and select "My Briefcase" to view or email the documents. .

Can I connect with attendees on the platform?  

  • Yes! The chat rooms are open to connect via instant message, audio and video with others also online in the platform. 

Recording Schedule At-A-Glance

Session 1

  • Welcome & Keynote Address
  • Inside the Beltway
  • Live Q&A

Session 2

  • CDFI Fund Q&A Panel
  • Live Q&A

Session 3

  • State of the NMTC Equity Market
  • Live Q&A

Session 4

  • Current Issues for QALICBS
  • Live Q&A

Session 5

  • Current Issue for CDEs
  • Live Q&A


We hope you’ll take advantage of this premier Novogradac offering. Access to the virtual conference platform and recordings of each session and Q&As will be available until October 23, 2020. 

Cost to access the Novogradac New Markets Tax Credit Virtual Conference platform and recordings: $199.00 
The Events Desk is available to answer any questions by email or by calling us at 415-356-7970. 

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