Novogradac Webinar on Opportunity Zones Final Regulations -- (Jan 2020) - On - Demand

When the Treasury first proposed new guidance for the opportunity zones (OZ) incentive, the Novogradac OZ Working Group helped identify areas of improvement and submitted letters on corporate consolidated return rules and challenges facing affordable housing. Many of the group’s thoughts and observations made it into the recently released final regulations. But there are some issues that could use more clarity–and Novogradac is here to help.

The Novogradac Final OZ Regulations webinar will provide detailed overviews of issues you should prepare for with the OZ guidance update. Our expert instructors will help you unravel issues in five categories: investors, qualified opportunity funds (QOF), qualified OZ business property, qualified OZ business and the anti-abuse rule.

Original Air Date: January 17, 2020
Duration: 3 hours
Access to Recording Expires: January 17, 2021


Michael Novogradac, CPA
Manager Partner

John Sciarretti, CPA

Megan Christensen

Kristin DeKuiper

Topics Covered

  • Brief Opportunity Zones (OZ) Incentive Recap and Background of Rulemaking
  • Effective Date and Applicability
  • Investor Issues
  • Section 1231 Gains
  • 10-year Sale of Interest in a QOF Partnership
  • 10-year Gain Exclusion Provision for Partnerships and S Corporations
  • 10-year Gain Exclusion for Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
  • Effect of Inclusion Event on 10-year FMV Basis Election
  • Tax Rates in Year of Inclusion
  • Transfer of Qualifying Interest by Reason of Death
  • Installment Sales
  • Special Gain Inclusion Rule for Partnerships and S-Corps
  • Corporate Consolidated Return Rules
  • Qualified Opportunity Fund Issues
  • Debt Financed Distributions
  • Option to Disregard Recently Contributed Property to a QOF
  • Carried Interests
  • QOF Decertification Rules
  • QOZB Testing Safe Harbor & Cure Period
  • Qualified Opportunity Zone Business Property Issues
  • Substantial Improvement Test–Asset-by-Asset vs. Aggregate Application of Test
  • Improvements to Non-Qualifying Property
  • Testing Holding Period Requirements
  • Vacant Property
  • Buildings Located on Brownfield Sites
  • Unimproved Land
  • Self-Constructed Property
  • Related Persons and the Step Transaction Doctrine
  • Leased Property
  • Real Property Straddling an OZ
  • Inventory In-Transit
  • Qualified Opportunity Zone Business Issues
  • Grace Period for Businesses to Become Qualified
  • Intangible Property Use
  • Working Capital and Tangible Property Safe Harbor
  • 70% Use Test on Mobile Tangible Property
  • Active Trade or Business Requirements
  • Sin Businesses
  • Tangible Property that Ceases to be QOZBP
  • Anti-Abuse Rule 

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