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"The Zoom platform was great and easy to use. The instructors made the training really good. They were very informative and have excellent presentation skills. They kept the subject matter entertaining and answered all of the audience's questions thoroughly. They made me feel like they really care."
- Chris Harrison, Yardi Systems

"Let me first say, I'm not usually a fan of internet learning. BUT this class was amazing! It felt interactive more like a live session. The information was great and the way they used to polls to make sure we were following or if we needed additional information on a specific section was ingenious. Thank you so much for finding a way to make distance learning more than just a power point slide with people talking AT me."
- Cheryl Ray, Roosevelt House 

"Information provided was explained with great knowledge. Excellent class! Enjoyed every moment!"
- Alexis Olive, GCHP Management

"A lot of detail presented in a clear, concise and fast-paced manner. Both Wayne and Stephanie seemed genuinely interested in the materials and the students actually learning what was being presented. Would definitely seek them out for future trainings or consults. I appreciated the focus on the students, respect for breaks, questions, and tone of the training."
- Tim Babcock, ACRUVA Capital Partners

"Amazing! The hosts are a wealth of knowledge but also hilarious and keep you really engaged throughout both days. Everyone was so quick to answer any questions and really made it feel like a safe space to ask questions. Stephanie & Wayne, you are a power duo! I learned so much, thank you."
- Charlene Romani, Bienestar

"Whether first time attending this class or used as annual refresher (because agencies require proof of continuing education or because it's simply a great idea and you enjoy working with the tax credit program) this training is brilliant. #WouldRecommend"
- Thomas Clark

“The workshop helped a novice as myself to walk away with a greater understanding of LIHTC compliance. Both Wayne and Stephanie conducted the workshop professionally, humorously and intelligently. I will take another workshop with them anytime. They complemented each other very well.”
- Eileen Ryan-Williams, Women In Need, Inc.

"The presenters were informative and entertaining. They answered questions well. They presented information in a clear way and the repetitive nature of certain concepts ensured a higher level of information retention in the students."
- Astrid Tepatti, Pioneer Human Services

"I think the instructors did a great job of explaining the material in a way that made it easy to understand. They were both awesome about addressing any questions that were asked to make sure they were getting their point across. I am excited about what I am learning." 
- Shannon Bonds, Legacy Properties Management

"The training is interactive and very informative. I never had a moment where I was bored. The trainers were very knowledgeable and explained the subject matter clearly as well as answered any questions along throughout the training."
- Lisa Ciano, Enterprise Community Asset Management

“Compliance can be very dry. However, they managed to make it entertaining while informative.”
- Melissa Carter, Danville Family Homes

"The five hours flew by quickly.  Presentation was engaging, effectively covering the material."
- Rhonda Butler, Turnstone Development Corporation

"The content was great and it was very comprehensive.  Excellent examples. Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable and very personable."
- Morrya Jones, AHC Management

"For an online seminar this is really good.  Keeps you interested. It is very hard to talk to an audience you cannot see.  I felt like I was in a classroom with interaction.  Good job."
- Amy McCaffrey, Berlin Housing Authority

“I really liked the pace of the slides. It didn't seem rushed and didn't drag like other classes I have taken in the past.”
- Tina Mitchell, Odyssey House

"It is super helpful for me to be able to ask questions while listening. I have attended two classes in person regarding same subject matter and I am not able to get questions answered unless I talk to instructor one-on-one."
- Liz Macgregor, Housing Authority of Jackson County

"By far the best 10-hour workshop/online course I have attended. Thank you for a great class. I am so glad I participated. I look forward to attending future courses.  
- Miamah Pinkard, NCBA Housing Development & Housing Management Corporation

“Entertaining and simple. The visuals were a plus. I've taken courses with no visuals, just text, and I don't grasp the concepts as well.”
- Michelle Tabot, Reliant Realty Services LLC

"Great information and a lot of it. Thoroughly explained. I look forward to going through the recordings again so I can feel like I really have it. I am new to LIHTC at the depth I am currently involved, so this has been wonderful. It is apparent that both presenters have a high standard of excellence in their field and exceptional knowledge of their topics."
- Vickie Major, Interfaith Housing Alliance

“I cannot remember ever learning more or being more involved in a five-hour training program! I wish I would have had this type of training 10 years ago.  I have worked with bond and a bit of tax credit most of my career and have avoided it.  This course gave me the confidence to take on more challenges. Wayne has a great way to keep the participants involved and alert.  There were at least five laugh-out-loud moments! He and his team made the 10 hours fly by.”
- Chris Stacy, Alliance Residential (feedback submitted after Day 1 of the workshop; hence the reference to '5 hour training')

“Very thorough, I feel like this information is very applicable on a day-to-day basis. Great work keeping the presentation on track and covering so many angles of these complicated issues!”
- M. Weber, Silva-Markham Partners

"I was impressed at how quickly they were able to answer questions but then also happy to hear them discuss and explain other questions that they thought might be helpful."
- Alexandra Andrews, Windham & Windsor Housing Trust

"Workshop was very informative and had many interactive features for participants."
- Aram Gebretensae. Urban Equities REC, Inc.

"Wayne stayed on course with the outline, which made it easy to follow and made it as interesting as possible. The training was fast-paced and informative making the time go fast!"
- Pat O'Dowd, Knudson Management Co. Inc.

"Extremely informative.  I really appreciate the request for audience participation as well and immediate responses to questions that were asked. Having an instructor who is animated and excited to discuss the topic at hand helps to keep the attention of those in attendance.  I really appreciate this method of instruction."
- Eden (Edie) Chase, Bellwether Housing

"I loved the way they navigated through the sessions and were very patient with everyone and our questions. The training was great; I learned a lot and it gave me a clear understanding."
- Tonesha Johnson, Palm Beach County Housing Authority

"Simple and straight forward with real-life scenarios applications."
- Nedra Nortey, Sphinx Development

"I like the way topics were explained with examples and graphics. It helps to get a better understanding of the course."
- Alejandra Gomez Bolivar - APM Asociacion de Puertorriquenos en Marcha

“I am very new to many of the topics discussed, but I do not feel like Wayne rushed the information. Instead, I thought he was very thorough in his explanation and I never felt left as if I was behind. I appreciated him also taking the time to address any incorrect answers that were given on any of the questions/polls to ensure that we had a firm grasp on the subject before moving onto the next. The content and pace of the course was excellent.”
- Brandon Bate, 2RW Consultants

"Comical. I loved their chemistry. It makes class fun."
- Alicia, Atlanta Housing

“I learned so much my head hurts, but extremely valuable!!!”
Carolyn Pleasants, Fannie Mae

"Very informative and course materials contributed to my enhanced understanding of the topics. Wayne and Stephanie are both fantastic and also with a good sense of humor. The content and materials covered have been thorough, although fast-paced. The speed of the course keeps you engaged. I actually learned more when Wayne taught and Stephanie added information. They team well together."
- Dr. Jackie Otto, Housing Authority of the City of Texarkana Texas

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"Good delivery of information, personalities were enjoyable and kept us involved all afternoon."
- Stephanie Rinkenberg, Pinellas County Housing Authority

"Information was valuable and relevant and the presenters did a great job keeping you focused and attentive. The instructors both seemed very natural is their presentations which made it a very comfortable learning environment even though it's a remote training. They were also very responsive to questions from the attendees."
- Barbara Moyer, Housing Authority of Owensboro (Ky.)

"Wayne and Stephanie were knowledgeable and explained materials very clearly. Easy to understand. The work really well with each other and made it engaging for us."
- Jo Sears, Denver Housing Authority

"I really enjoyed how they kept us all engaged. It wasn't boring at any point for me."
- Brenda Pierce- Arbor Housing and Development

"I have been working in the tax credit area for 9 years. I still feel I gained a great deal of knowledge in this training. The instructors were knowledgeable and their interaction with each other made the training fun."
- Attendee from Renton Housing Authority

"This was a great workshop. I enjoyed class because the instructors were well prepared. The Information obtained was explained thoroughly, questions were asked and explained, which made it easy to understand the material."
- Candy Thomas, Metropolitan Housing Alliance

"Important topic with plenty of training examples and nice mix of questions, polls, etc. Instructors were very knowledgeable and well rehearsed on the topic."
- Doug Swoger, City of Los Angeles

"Very informative. Both speakers spoke clearly and did not use a lot of 'industry jargon'. Subjects taught were what I needed to learn."
- Linda Jeter, Knoxville's Community Development Organization

"It was very informative and your trainers knew the material."
- Amy Revious, HRDC9

"I love the detailed explanation about some very important subjects like the student rule, vacant unit rule, etc.  Refreshing this information is so important so we don't forget about the restrictions at the time of accepting the applications and leasing the units. I loved the presentation.  It's clear with the slides that make it so much easier to understand the material. Both instructors are very knowledgeable and responsive to the listeners.  They made the session very interesting."
- Sandra Millers, Northern Valley Catholic Social Service

"Great explanation of information and solid, clear answers to any questions."
- Rannie Tanner, AEP

"I think it was a great class. Pace was good and I appreciate the expert commentary along the way."
- David R Bales, Pinnacle

"Both instructors are excellent and have a good grasp on the LIHTC program."
- Doreen Padilla the Compliance Manager at the Aurora Housing Authority in Aurora Colorado

"Great examples and explanations, nice overview of the program to start off before getting into specifics.  Nice being able to ask questions live and get input from some of your experts."
- Andrew Kelly, The Bonadio Group

"Engaging and lively presentation."
- Imanu Lewis, Westerly Apartments/LSC Service Corp

"During times like this, it's difficult to engage an audience through a virtual conference. I really appreciated the effort into entertaining us and keeping us engaged and involved throughout the process. Thank you!"
- Renton Housing Authority attendee

"Wayne kept the material interesting and fun throughout!"
- Christian Juneau, Housing Solutions Alliance, LLC

“Very informative and not too overwhelming on specifics. They gave plenty of time to comprehend the concepts.”
- Jeanne Canfield, Mountain Management

"Both presenters are extremely knowledgeable and were able to answer some more complex questions during the webinar that many of us face when working through a tax credit lease up."
- Patrick A Rafferty - Rose Community Management, LLC

"Lot of material explained in 10 hours.  Slides were good, reinforced the narrative."
- Jerome Burns, Housing Development Solutions

"Patient at explaining the concepts. The instructors made the course relevant to my day-to-day situation. Stephanie made the material not so boring with her excitement and passion as she shared her knowledge of the topics with our class. I will definitely recommend this program to my colleagues."
- Dr. Samuel Henderson, CEO, S. Henderson Realty Services

“Both instructors are articulate and well-informed. They also communicate the information clearly.”
- Roberto Bajandas, URBANA

“Very detailed! I have been a property manager for four years and I am now an auditor. I never really understood the set-aside, but today really explained it to me!”
- Taylor Diggs, Vantage Management

"Instructors were very good, informative, and personable."
- Brandi Severson, Prairie Fire Management Group

"Materials were easy to understand. I like the side panel in the handout because of the additional information. The different scenarios presented were good as well."
- Neeve Wallace, SJS NCBA Estates

"The facilitators are upbeat and energetic, which helps to keep me engaged. Both instructors provided real-life examples and scenarios to assist with understanding the material."
- Naomi Hawf, Estes Park Housing Authority

"I like the interactive training and the thoroughness of the instructors."
- Melissa Rain, Century Villages at Cabrillo

"I like how they put it in 'layman's terms.' I've been to many of these over the year (usually in a classroom setting), and feel like it was a great way to break it down for those who are new to the industry. Instructors were friendly and took the time to answer questions that were being sent in via chat."
- Becky, Viridian Management

“Wayne is very engaging and eager to ensure that the concepts are understood.”
- Andi Reed, Bremerton Housing Authority

“I think it is great that you take questions as we go and I like the fact you use the wrong answers as training opportunities. I also like the interactivity of the training. It helps keep you in engaged.”
- Sarah Van Cleve, Bremerton Housing Authority

"Wayne and Stephanie's explanations were thorough and all questions were answered. Any time I got lost they went back and re-explained. I like the two presenter format, it seems to work well."
- Jenna Wylie, South Portland Housing Authority, South Portland, ME

"The information was A LOT, but very helpful. The explanations were very helpful and fully explained what the concepts were about."
- Lydia Perez, Investec Real Estate Companies

"I feel this training session was very useful and I learned a lot."
- Christine Van Tilborg, EBMC of NV

"Great pace, loud and clear. Very specific with lots of examples and all the disposition to answer any questions."
- Lissette Aveiro, Bartell Place Senior Residences

"Very entertaining and interesting duo. He is a true instructor and she is like a mother explaining to her children--very easy to understand reasons why."
- Aster Tesfai, Houston Housing Authority

"Wayne and Stephanie were very informative, attentive, & warm. They not only have a mastery of the content, but stayed past our allotted time to thoroughly answer all of our questions. They work very well together. They were not only engaged while demonstrating, but kept answering our questions as they arose. They kept the content as light as possible while effectively stressing important issues."
- David Evans, Amaranthine Consulting LLC

“Instructors are knowledgeable and explain complicated material in a clear and concise manner.”
- Lisa Boone, Housing Authority of Grays Harbor County

“Very open to comments and confirmed questions when asked; makes the workshop more interactive.  Very funny as well. Certainly not a boring class.”
- Martha Peoples, Beacon Property Management

"Very detailed and great examples and references."
- Christine Allen, Roosevelt Square Apartments

“We covered lots of material, but took breaks; that helped keep my attention.  Presenters are knowledgeable and kept a lively pace.”
- Leah Rodriguez, Economic Development Agency for Riverside County

"Wayne's style of explaining complicated matters is easily understandable. His style is fast but not very fast to the point of leaving doubts in my mind. He keeps me awake!”
- Malen Rodriguez, Hollywood Community Housing Corporation

"The presenters did a good job covering very complex dense material in a way that was digestible."
- Tracy Guerrero, Triple J Saipan

"Topics covered were well explained and great examples given."
- April Doland, MLCM

“Topics moved along at a good pace and was not overly technical for the topic at hand. Instructors mixed bits of humor with material, keeping it interesting throughout and were able to keep the topics flowing at a good pace without getting off topic.”
- John Sinclair, Urban Futures Bond Administration Inc.

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“The presenters used examples, along with bullet points to thoroughly explain the topic.  They also answered questions when they came up and the diagrams were extremely helpful.”
- Pamela G. Dodge, First Ward Action Council

"Good info, well organized and presented. Wayne and Stephanie have a good rapport."
- Jeff DeGree, MUCR

"Resources and content were presented well. Great instructors! Very knowledgeable and engaged."
- Mr. Blanchard, Humanitas Management

"All good today-moved along well and did not stray from the subjects. They covered so much material, yet thoroughly and efficiently. The facilitators are very well spoken, informed, and good educators!"
- Jim Goddard, Senior Housing Options, Inc. - Denver, CO

"Good information and great slides!"
- Hannah Lombardi, Tamarack Property Management

"Lots of information packed into 10 hours, well presented - in easy to comprehend format. Easy to follow, a fair amount of humor sprinkled in with numbers and rules, more numbers and more rules."
- Cathy Keeler, Hybrook Townhomes 

"Informative and engaging."
- Christine Franzone United Management Services

“I appreciate the many different types of slides and conversations; it breaks up the repetition. Thank you for having a sense of humor!”
- Nikki Caudle, Metro West Housing Solutions

“Wayne was able to explain all the sections in a very easy way to understand the basics and revisited some of the areas that are very important for compliance purposes. He went back to issues he felt we were not understanding based on the answers received and reinforced important items that are common in non-compliance results.”
- Maria Lum from Decron Properties

"It was very informative and the poll questions helped keep the workshop interesting."
- Nefta Sterling, Foxy Management

"This is my first step in getting involved with LIHTC units/compliance.  The information was helpful and well instructed. I felt that [the instructors] kept things moving along and kept interest for the entire period.  I was eager to get back from the 10-minute breaks to hear what they were going to teach next.  They answered questions, and gave positive feedback and spoke in terms that made sense to a beginner."
- Attendee from Our City Reading Inc.

“Solid content, good combination of overview and detail, appropriate pace, good incorporation of various features and learning styles [i.e. text, examples, sample questions, etc.], and excellent trainer [love the puns, Wayne!]”
- Brett Hughett, Decron Properties

"Clear concise information. Presenters were very engaged and knowledgeable."
- Duwanda Campbell, Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee

"Everything was explained well and questions encouraged and answered."
- Allison Batchelor, Sparrow Management Inc.

"The instructors made this complex material user-friendly. I love it!"
- Attendee from S. Henderson Realty Services

"Very informative and I've taken classes for three years now on tax credit. Engaging and keeps me interested and learning things."
- Annie Kremin-Eckert, Topher Realty LLC

"Nice pace. Addressed questions from participants in a timely manner."
- Judy Goodell, Waterville Housing Authority

"Info was explained thoroughly and follow-up questions to topics covered were useful training tools. Information is clear and concise and reviewed to assure comprehension."
- Jodell Anderson, Moline Management

“Super informative and just what I needed for clarity and understanding of the inner workings of LIHTC. The added humor was perfect and the presentation style is great.” 
- Tami Newcomb, Woda Group

“Conversational!  Excellent instructor and visual presentation.”
- Carolyn Kozlik, Standard Property Company

"Very informative. Both instructors were thorough and professional."
- Carolyn Blair of Shelbyville Housing Authority

"Clear simple approach to complex topics."
- John Spalding, C&D Asset Management LLC

"The instructors were knowledgeable, approachable, and fun."
- K. Thomas, Princeton Management

"Everything was thoroughly explained and illustrated. There was a ton of information that had to be given and the presenters got through it quickly and professionally. For myself I know that I must carefully review the material before I even think about taking the test after being twenty years away from the field."
- Lydia E. Blakely, Consultant

“Wayne is very interactive and keeps my attention and focus.” 
Sue Wiemer, Turnstone Development Corp.

“The PowerPoint slides are thorough and help get the message across.”
- Priscilla Fox, CHFA

“Clear explanations of slides. Animations helped understand larger concepts. I liked having dual presenters. Having multiple perspectives and one person answering questions made the presentation  go smoothly.”
- Allen Lim, CCH

"Great information and visuals."
- Michelle Retamar, Cencere Consulting LLC

"You guys did well together and broke it down for us!! Very informative. Covered a lot of material. Kept it interesting."
- Willie Conn, LEDIC Realty 

"Excellent explanations and the workshop was at a good pace."
- Jamie Andrews, Walnut Street Management

"The training was awesome. I loved the interaction and the visuals;  made the listeners remain engaged throughout the training. Both Wayne and Stephanie are very knowledgeable and were able to quickly answer questions and provide explanations. Will definitely recommend this training to all in the LIHTC affordable housing industry."
- Randilyn Ladig, SVP Compliance, LEDIC Realty

"I thought the two instructors played off each other well and brought different ways of explaining things when a clarification was needed."
- Charlotte Paolella, Knickerbocker Apartments

“Instruction was very thorough and in-depth. Instructors knew their material”
- Chris Williams, MPF Corp

"All good information provided and it was at a good pace."
- Kimberly Davis, HNN

"Wayne was so enthusiastic and explained everything clearly."
- Etty Teichman

"This webinar was very informative and taught with years of knowledge from both instructors. I would love to attend another Novogradac webinar in the future."
- Bretha Marshall, The Highland Apartments 

“Great detail in different scenarios as well as answering questions quickly and letting us feel involved.”
- Crystal Armand, Housing Trust Group

"Very thorough and detailed. Presentation flowed well. Both [instructors] were very knowledgeable and professional."
- Clay Klatt, Rise Residential

"The workship is very similar to our workshop 3 years ago which allows me/us to learn through repetition and retention. Both instructors are knowledgeable and bring complementary perspectives and delivery. Wayne is too funny in is own way."
- Leonard Adams, President and CEO - Quest Community Development Organization

"Insightful. I appreciated the graphs which helped me visualize the numbers. I also appreciated the playful banter."
- Luis Veas

"Great explanation with slides and supplemental conversations. Q&A were answered via chat or discussed live which gave great context."
- Joy DeTore, Beacon Property Management

“The presentation was well-paced and very organized.”
- Michael Grossett, 2RW

"They made the material easy to understand and explained it very well."
-Bethann Cairns - American Gold Star Manor

"Wayne and Stephanie explained everything very well and were very knowledgeable!”
- Jeanne Krause - American Gold Star Manor

"Wayne and Stephanie were clear and concise in articulating the information, and interpreting of program rules and their implementation and implications superbly!! They provided great examples/scenarios that assist the student in understanding!! Great slides for future reference."
- Garry Adam, Kansas Housing Resources Corporation

"Wayne is amazing and makes boring info interesting and adds great humor.”
- Shey Justice, Affordable Equity Partners

"Very clear communication of compliance scenarios."
- Amie Andre - Housing Catalyst

"The presenters are highly knowledgeable and provide comprehensive information."
- Leah Rodriguez, County of Riverside EDA

"Very good explanation of the information."
- Scott Wilson, HNN Associates LLC

"Very well spoken and made it easy to understand."
- Christine Foster, Simpson Gardens

“Wayne promised me that I would like this class. He under estimated himself, I LOVED IT!”
- Yolunda Riley

"You two did a great job keeping the audience involved and had great interactive and 'hands on' made a lot of the information easier to absorb and have a reference/example to link it to."
 - Attendee from Bellingham Housing Authority

"Both presenters exhibited a strong understanding of the subject materials."
- Joseph Loconto, Paeyicket RI Housing Authority 

"Lots of great information explained so I can understand."
- Tina Posey, Housing Authority of the County of Kern

"Lots of great information and presenters that are very responsive to questions/comments."
- Tyler, Affirmed Housing

"Not boring very real class room feel."
- Nancy E. Jordan, Dominium

"Overall it was a great workshop. Both presenters knew their material and covered it. At times it felt as though some information could have had more time spent on it and it felt like there was a bit of rush in some areas, but overall well presented."
- Tania Close, OHCS

"I knew very little about tax credits and how they were done but I understand a lot more now. Still a lot to learn but very helpful."
- Gail Morrison, Beacon Property Management

"I loved how interactive and entertaining it was."
- Crystal Cantrell, White Lotus Group

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